Entry No. 1

This past week, I celebrated twenty-four years of life and existence on this planet. The very same universe that Elvis Presley and James Brown lived and made history on. I have shared this place with so many people, it’s incredible how small of a part I really am- and that’s something I never stopped to think about-just last year. This birthday year was intimate, unlike the past 5 years of birthday celebrations. I made time to try and make my family feel important, and I went out of my way to call relatives I hadn’t spoken to in months. I cried my way into twenty-four over some unpleasant words spilled by a friend just thirty minutes before the clock hit 12, and stared in the mirror for over an hour evaluating how much my face has changed since the last time I really gave myself the time to wander. My mother gifted me with a really sweet pearl ring, and it fits me just right. I think this will be a fine year for me.